Bus Transportation

To establish a means of student registration for bussing, the School District has implemented a bus pass system for all regular bus routes within the District. There is a charge for bussing students in grades 1-6. Prior to school start up every year, bus passes will be mailed from our District Office (780-459-7711) to all eligible students who live outside of the walk areas and within the transportation area for our school.  Contact the transportation department at District Office for further clarification if you are unsure whether your child is eligible for transportation.

Bus pass application forms should be dropped off at the school or at District Office (6 St. Vital Ave.) Kindergarten students will ride the regular bus one way and a kindergarten bus will transport them from school at midday.

Students must present their bus passes everyday to board the bus. For lower elementary students, parents are encouraged to tape their child's bus pass to his/her lunch kit or school bag with clear tape to reduce the risk of loss. Lost or misplaced passes will be replaced by the Division at a cost.

Students that have pre-registered will be mailed their bus pass and routing information in mid-August. Students that have not pre-registered can purchase a bus pass in July and August at District Office. Any route changes required after distribution of bus passes, will be conveyed directly to students and/or parents by the transportation department.

Please note that the District Office has implemented an added safety procedure when registering for bussing.  The transportation department requires 3 to 5 busing days from the date of registration with their department before your child will be able to ride his/her school bus. This time is needed to ensure that the driver has your child's information before he/she boards the bus. Please make sure to allow for this time when registering for the school bus.

Students may only ride the bus assigned to them. Parents may be able to access a temporary bus pass from District Office if their child needs to ride a different bus for special circumstances for a determined length of time.  Please allow the 5 days for any temporary changes.  Contact the transportation department to determine whether alternate arrangements may be available. We are not authorized at the school to give special permission regarding transportation.

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