Faith in Action

EMP Rangers - Guardians of God's Creation

Living Like Jesus:  Servant, Steward, Shepherd

We are currently in the second year of a three year journey.  We are stewards!

Being a steward - what does that mean?  Well we if you look up the biblical definition of what it means to be a steward it goes like this: A steward is someone who uses all they have to care for God’s creation. In PSALM 24:1 it says, “The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it.”

Last year we were servants, we created the J.C. Task Force EMP Division and we were ready to serve.  And serve we did! This year, we will still be serving, but we are ready to take it one step further.  This year we are all EMP RANGERS- Guardians of God's Creation.

What Rangers do is they use their skills to keep our parks and animals safe.  They work hard to make their area better and to preserve the beauty of what God created.  

Each of you has been given the honour and responsibility of caring for and protecting God’s creation.  Our school, our park, our world, our friends, our families and ourselves - are all part of God’s creation.  As Rangers, we are going to use our gifts, to take care of all of these people and things.

What exactly does that mean?  Well it can mean anything. We can take care of people by being helpful and kind.  We can take care of them by feeding people who don’t have what they need. By helping keep people safe, like at the LaSalle Shelter where women and children can go to stay safe when they are in danger.  It can mean keeping our school yard clean and preserving the beauty of nature. This can even be something like not wasting water and electricity. Every little act can show that we care for our world and each other.

We look forward to having a great year as Rangers - and making a difference in our world!


Partnerships @ EMP

La Salle Women's Shelter

Our Greater St. Albert Schools are encouraged to support the efforts of Catholic Social Services.  CSS offer a wide array of programs to help others in need.  Our staff made a connection last year with the La Salle Women's Shelter.  This is a second stage women's shelter where women with children go to flee unsafe domestic situations.  This shelter is unique as it allows women and children to remain together.

Sifton School

For a number of years, EMP students have donated food to create Christmas hampers for the students at Sifton School.  Once the hampers are full and organized, our Grade 4 students deliver them.  The staff at Sifton School have expressed gratitude for the generosity of our community and they have come to rely on our hampers to help their families through the Christmas season.