Pick up/Drop off information

Safety Before Convenience

  The following map has been designed to help with the flow of traffic coming in and out of our school grounds.  It is imperative that we all follow these expectations in order to better ensure the safety of our children!


Traffic Flow Map


Before and After School Protocol

Please note that there is no supervision prior to 8:45am and after 3:45pm.  We ask that you do not drop your child off to wait outside or in our foyer.  If you require either before or after school care, please contact SIGIS.

If you pick your child up after school, please have a designated meeting place.  If you are late, please instruct your child to meet you at the front office.  After the busses leave, supervisors will do a sweep of the front and side of the school and all children who remain outside are asked to wait in the office.  Please remind your children that they may not play in the park unless an adult is there to supervise them.